Empowering Leaders, Improving Impact

In today’s knowledge-based economy, leaders focus on three vital forces that impact success: information, innovation, and implementation. They flow freely through successful organizations, and when they don’t, the company stalls and begins to decline. Impact3 Leadership empowers people and organizations to know more, create more, and do more so they can make a greater impact.


Impact3 Leadership helps organizations improve their impact by identifying the inhibitors that prevent leaders and teams from knowing more, creating more, and doing more. Then we design customized improvement initiatives to eliminate resistance and increase the flow of information, innovation, and implementation in your organization.


Impact3 Leadership identifies the inhibitors that prevent your leaders and teams from knowing more, creating more, and doing more.


There is hidden value in your company that no one is recognizing. Impact3 unleashes buried value and taps undiscovered potential in your talent.


Impact3 empowers your teams, including your leaders, by helping them develop competencies that will improve your organization’s overall impact.


Executive coaching with Impact3 will help your leaders improve their own skills so they can foster a culture of caring and success in your organization.

Our proprietary management simulation identifies inhibitors and uncovers hidden value in organizations and their people.

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Meet Barbara, Founder and CEO

Barbara Koenig is an insightful, personable coach with over twenty-five years of experience working as an organizational development consultant and executive coach, primarily in areas related to leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship, and career transition. With a technical background and experience holding a variety of leadership roles in manufacturing, engineering, entrepreneurship, and higher education, Barbara brings a unique perspective to her work. She is known for quickly establishing rapport with her clients and co-creating strategies that align with internal motivations and external goals, ultimately producing sustainable and rewarding results.

Barbara is an engaging speaker who has been invited to give talks on career transition, how to leverage your strengths, communication preferences, generational differences in the workplace, successful behaviors of women leaders, executive talent for startups, and more.

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What People Are Saying

  • “With the help and guidance provided by Barbara, I was able to narrow the types of jobs that would be the best fit, and ultimately land a new position with a start-up company, something I didn’t think I would be able to accomplish!”

  • “Thank you, Barbara, for you encouragement and dedication to the group. Your expertise and practical application of the various change models was immensely helpful. I am so glad to have been a part of this group and will apply what I have learned and use the connections made moving forward. It was awesome!”

  • “For six months after being let go, I worked with Barbara through this difficult transition. It was the best thing I could have done! She helped me put together a resume, brainstorm about new career ideas, and conduct a series of rigorous assessments to better understand myself, my strengths, my weaknesses, and my leadership capabilities. In addition, Barbara helped tie them all together to develop a personal profile specifically for me.”

  • “Barbara was an excellent coach, providing tough love when I needed it and personal support throughout the process. A major life transition such as the one I experienced is never easy. Barbara helped ease the transition, allowing me to land an outstanding opportunity that is a great fit for me.”

  • “[Working with Barbara has] been a positive experience for me personally, beyond what value the project deliverables may bring to the company. Just being included in the group makes me feel more valued by the company.”

  • I have learned more about myself and have evolved professionally more in these last nine months than in my entire, cumulative career. Barbara has an amazing ability to teach, encourage, and foster change.”


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